Lingerie Ka Inc. recognizes the importance of the protection of your personal data. When you shop online at Janira Canada, we want to ensure that your experience takes place safely. All personal data relating to you collected by Lingerie Ka Inc. are treated with the strictest confidentiality.

We therefore use the most current offered safest payment process. In collaboration with PayPal we assure you that your credit card information will be transmitted in a secure environment only for the purpose of your transaction.


All credit card transactions are secure and use SSL protocol encryption. Only our banking partner has access to confidential and personal data related to your transaction.

Your credit card information is transmitted to the servers of PayPal, they are broken down into an understandable format for banking terminals, then sent to the Bank via the Internet. Once received by the Bank, the information is transmitted through the banking network. Lingerie Ka's account is credited and the account of the customer's credit card is debited, authorization is passed back to the PayPal servers. A receipt is then issued and transmitted to the client's web browser, and then a notice of order is sent by e-mail to the merchant.

Personal information collected during your visit to the site is used with your knowledge and your consent.